Naim Uniti Mk 1

I’ve just bought a Uniti Mk1 with an upgraded Mk 2 board allowing to stream Tidal and play 24/192 files.
I’ll be comparing it with my UnitiQute 2 but initial listening with just the Uniti’s CD player is very, very good and for exactly the same price (£600) that I paid for the Qute albeit with a faded screen it represents fantastic vfm.
Once my Rega RB250 is back from Origin Live next week we will see how it sounds with a vinyl source.

I owned a Uniti 2 for a couple of years before upgrading to my current 272 setup. I really enjoyed my time with it.

In the race to upgrade it’s easy to forget how very good some products are.

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True but I haven’t had any regrets with that move. I have been told that Star is a very nice improvement from Uniti 2. I had a UQ2 once as well. Regretted letting it go so now have a UQ1. It’s a great piece too.

Agreed I have never regretted owning any Naim gear it’s all been fantastic but and maybe this says more about me it seems that the less I expect from it the more I enjoy it.

I was selling a 282/300 once and the guy who eventually bought the 282 was at my house listening to it I left him alone with it for half an hour or so and when I came back he said that he’d been buying ‘serious’ hifi for over 30 years and that my system was the best he had ever heard in a domestic setting and I was selling it because to me it never sounded as good as I thought it should or could.

A week later I was sitting in the same chair absolutely chuffed to bits with the sound coming from a £500 102/180.


I get that. I think sometimes in this hobby it’s too easy to get caught up in the next upgrade and forget about the music that got you involved to start with. I think most on this forum are guilty of that myself included. Haven’t touched my Bain system in close to two years except adding 5m NACA5 to replace 3.5m. I did add a SN1and Qute for a second system but sold off the SN1. Happy with the Qute/Mite system but will probably change out the Mites for Dynaudio Evoke 10 this year sometime. It is a hobby after all. :grinning:

I had the chance to get a pre-loved Uniti2 last year and put it in my media room in place of a UQ2/NAP100. It’s been a nice step up with my Totem Hawks, which benefit from the increase from 50W to 70W. I find it great with vinyl to. I’ve been thinking of moving my Nova to the media room at some stage if I upgrade my main system, but the Uniti2 is a great alternative at a third of the price.

The UQ2 is a great kit to though and now lives in the games room next door.

I think that the larger the investment is too you personally the more you expect from it. I mean £15,000 is a huge investment in a whole system to some but merely the cost of a source to others and not even a possibility to most.
The funny thing is now that I don’t have them anymore I can appreciate how good the two systems I’ve sold in the last year where but the money I released from both has gone into something equally as enjoyable so absolutely no complaints.
And as frustrating as this hobby can be I really do enjoy it and will no doubt end up building another system and also it keeps me out of the pub well most of the time.


Lol. Too funny. I justify some upgrades to my wife with at least I’m not out in bars drinking.


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