Naim Uniti MK1

Hi, I was wondering if I can use my Uniti Mk1 as a power amp for an external streamer.


Not completely as a standalone power amp, but you could connect your streamer (which would need to have its own internal volume control) to one of the three RCA analogue inputs.

You can configure these inputs to AV mode which sets the Uniti to a fixed volume level and disables the volume control.

Does your streamer have a volume control/preamp included? You don’t need that, as the Uniti preamp will do it. If the streamer has a line out it would probably be best to use that.

Hi, I’m thinking of the EverSolo DMP-A6 Streaming DAC that has it’s own volume control.

You could try it both ways - either as a source going through the Uniti’s full pre-amp stage, or as a streamer + volume control into the Uniti with unity gain/fixed volume set.

If it helps: I am using a WiimPro and have it connected via Toslink to my Superuniti. Works just fine.

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