Naim uniti nova amp

Hi. How good is the amplifier section in the Naim uniti Nova vs nait xs2 ?
Have anyone compared the two?

I was very keen on a Nova, and I think it’s a very good all in one system. Something to keep in mind is that Nova is more powerful than XS 2. If you are after one box system Nova is hard to beat.

However, In the end I settled on SN 2 and a streamer. I think run out or second hand SN2 with ND5 XS 2 is a great combo that should be demonstrated by anyone considering a Nova and open to two box system.

On other hand early reviews on XS 3 are saying it’s getting closer to SN 2. ND5 XS 2 and XS 3 could be great value.

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Yeah, im not sure what my next step will be, perhaps a xs3.
I’ve bought a used Supernait 1, it’s 12 years old from a naim dealer here in denmark. He told me that if I felt the need to upgrade I would get a total refund for the supernait. Im just not sure that xs3 would be a upgrade.
But I might wait for xs3 and buy nd5.
I’ve got cd5xs and ndac

Based on the SN1 and XS2 I owned I would say the XS3 would be an upgrade since o thought the XS2 was better as well.

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Unfortunately, I’ve never listened to xs2. or sn2.
I think supernait is a very good amp.
I find it very relaxed presentation, but perhaps lacking a little in detail.
But I suspect that my cd5xs/ndac and speakers deserve a better amp. Im exited about the xs3.
I can’t wait to listen. And I have a flatcap xs. I could connect it to xs3

To me the SN1 was a bit boring. XS2 was much more fun to listen to for me. I haven’t heard a SN2 or SN1 with Hicap which is supposed to greatly improve the SN1.

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Yeah your right, the sn1 can perhaps sound a little boring on some material.

anyway, back to the Nova…

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If you are going to move on from the Supernait, you should take up the offer from your dealer, as at 12 years, it may well need a recap/service soon, so you would save yourself that expense. As for what you should buy to replace it - XS2, XS3, SN3, 202/200…let your ears decide.

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