Naim Uniti Nova PE edition

Having just visited the Sound and vision show today in Bristol , I’ve got to say I was impressed with the new Naim Uniti Nova PE edition.
Personally I can’t see what’s wrong with Class D amplification, as I’m sure Naim wouldn’t release a product to market , that wasn’t of a very high standard. I’m looking to add this to my focal Sopra No1’s.


I enjoyed the Nova PE too with the Sopra 2s. Nice to hear this system in a ‘smaller’ room much more in line with what I have. I did quite a few A/B comparisons between the PE/Sopra room and moving across the corridor to the Star/Aria system. I felt the Star system was great for the money but I felt that the PE system had extra smoothness and depth, a bit ‘darker’ and I preferred it I think. A lot more money though.


There is already a thread on the subject so…

I did the same as you, and went between the two rooms. I agree, the Nova PE had that little bit more control than the star setup, and just a tad more smoothness to the overall sound generally. I couldn’t really fault both to be honest with you. Just glad I got a chance to listen to the Nova PE.


I thought that thread was only for people who think the Nova PE is the spawn of Satan. :grin:


Then you must draw your sword and spread the word that it is not true, the responsibility rests heavily on your shoulders :grin:


Indeed. But when you look carefully, that’s indeed correct. It has a class D(evil) poweramp stage.

Somehow when Naim does that, half of the forum goes mad, but when PMC introduces active modules in class D for their loudspeakers it’s fantastic.



I think a proportion of forum members would like nothing better than for Naim to keep producing the same amps they dis 20-30 or more years ago, without ever making any change. But that would be pointless, as all the old ones can be kept going through periodic servicing, so why buy a new one - and Naim would die.


It’s both great. I still cherish my 72/140 and IBLs but the new products are great too! I’m not in the market but I hope Naim finds ways to introduce more efficient amps.


I thought it was deleted after taking a dark turn. Or did it just fall off the top thread list?

Yes, I couldn’t find it yesterday when I had been about to link the other thread and suggest amalgamation.

I look forward to hearing the new Nova. I love that Naim continues to squeeze better SQ out of their single box systems.


As long as the new kit sounds better.

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Well that’s the critical point isn’t it. I am told the presentation of all the new stuff as quite different from old green logo Uniti products and New Classic very different in presentation from Old Classic. And if that presentation isn’t to your subjective liking, it can all feel a step backwards. I know one dealer who certainly feels it is. The point being, it’s hard to make an apples to apples comparison because some other factors changed to.

But, without a doubt, there are technically interesting things happening in the PE. Given Naim are a renowned legendary amp maker more than anything else, it would have been nice to see them develope their own class D circuit. But the choice of class D in itself isn’t a bad thing. I’ve a class D power amp in one system and it’s great. Not because it is class D but because it happens to be a well designed amplifier.

People got so hung up on the change to class D on the other thread, you’d have thought the sky was falling. It opens up the possibilities for new product categories (I hope). I’m clearly not the intended market for a PE but it seems like an interesting product and a graceful execution to a problem.


I think that thread is gone. The UK folk played up one night and that was that.


I suspected. I didn’t see the thread in the last hours of it’s existence but I could sense it was skirting a political/xenophobic line. There’s a right way and a wrong way to express dislike for things. Some were hell bent on the wrong way.

Not saying the opinions expressed were completely wrong. But right time and place, they were not. I can imagine how it may have developed overnight.

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Full disclosure, I was part of that thread - albeit early and went to bed before it may have spun out of control. Where we started (and potentially not articulated in the best way) was whether or not the class D move indicates that decision making is not 100% at Naim Salisbury these days.

It’s perfectly valid question, and for anyone who’s run PE-backed businesses will know, completely part of the playbook when you’re in that situation. And before people go off on the fact that Naim’s been PE backed since 2014, new owners can sometimes behave completely differently than the old…

Just to tidy up that point so we can move on.

I went to see the specs of Focal big class D integrated. The Astral 16. It’s a multi channel amp.
It uses Pascal audio class D technology, not Purifi as Naim. So maybe it’s a sign that Naim designed itself the Nova PE. However the decision to make it was certainly by Focal. But we don’t know.

I run a PE backed business and my decision making is not impacted by the PE owners. My business decisions are influenced by making a product people want to buy and is profitable to sell. Most businesses outside of not for profit don’t have the luxury of selling products that don’t generate profit.


Let’s please not derail this thread along similar lines to the last one. To be clear here, Vervent are the holding company of both Focal and Naim and it’s the management who make the business decisions such as what products to make and sell, not the Private Equity behind them.

p.s. Just in case some members aren’t completely clear, xenophobic remarks are not tolerated on here.