Naim Uniti Nova + Rel T9/x Sub

The Nova is not balanced, try following the instructions for a regular (unbalanced) amp which would include connecting the black cable to one of the - terminals.

If that doesn’t help you should try either connecting at the loudspeaker end, ot buying a Naim modified cable if you want to connect to the amp.

Before buying a bassline blue cable with stackable bananas/spade (even if not rel original) I’d like to understand some things.

With Rel t/9x + Uniti Nova + kef r7

  1. What are pro and cons between high level connection to the amp e high level connection to the speakers?

    • How to connect rel t/9x to the speakers? I can’t see the connection scheme on manual
  2. Talking about low level connection, what are the differences between this situation:
    -2 rca output on the amplifier → 2 rca input on the sub / 1 rca output on the amplifier → 1 rca input on the sub


  • 2 rca output on the amplifier and 1 rca input on the sub

In the last case (my situation) I shoud to use a 2 to 1 cable. What are the cons of this solution? Which type of cable I shoud to use?

Please, read the previous comments on this thread.
You should connect High Level connection wires to the speakers’ terminals not the amplifier’s or you will get hum.

I agree that it’s generally best to use the high level input on a Rel sub, and the speaker end is the best place to connect it if using a standard Rel supplied lead. However, if you are getting hum using a different connection method that almost certainly indicates a grounding problem elsewhere, as this is not normally a problem with Naim/Rel systems.

I understand that High level Is the best solution for rel.
But I’m still confused about the low level connection and y cable that is necessary to connect uniti nova to rel sub


If I use the standard High level cable (included )I had to divide it and connect the the black and Yellow cable to a speaker and the Red cable to the other speaker. Is It correct? I can’t See this kind of connection to the speaker on the instruction manual.

And don’t understand why some guys,(I See the photos in this forum) connected the High level cable to only One speaker. (Yellow+ Red to the positive and black to the negative)

Is available A separate bassline cable with spade? Where I can find It?

All reasons why I suggested the RCA connection for a Nova. Nice and simple.

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What kind of RCA cable? Coaxial? Y 2 to 1 ? With resistitor?
Or only 1 to 1 rca connected to the left or right preamp Nova output ?

Or a 2 to 2 RCA connected to a device like anti Mode/ Mini disp connected in turn to the rel with 1 to 1 RCA?

I’m curious to try rca connection with the appropriate cable

I’m a Nova owner and It seems absurd I had to modify the only cable included into rel t9/x packaging for using this sub without problems

Now I 've divided the second half of the original cable and connected the Yellow and black cable to the left speaker and the the Red cable to the right speaker.
This to mantein the same lenght from the sub located behind the left speaker.

Now there are no hum noise, and the sound Is Great, but the connection looks like improvised

I’d like to use a pre diveded cable, maybe with spade but I don’t know where I can find It.
I think It Is necessary to connect the sub to the right and left speakers.
All the other High level cable seem to have been designed for An amplifier connection

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I suggest you talk to a company called Designacable. They should be able to make you a split cable if you don’t want to use the one supplied by Rel.
Alternatively they can make you a cable with stackable bananas that is specially modified for use with Naim amps if you prefer to connect at the amp end. (Rel also make such a cable, but theirs is very expensive).

As per your photo at post 11 and HH’s reply.