Naim Uniti Nova + Rel T9/x Sub

Hi Everyone,

I know there are more topics with questions about the best connection for Rel Sub.
I also read that it may vary with different models of Sub and amplifier.

My situation is:

-Naim Uniti nova
-Kef r7
-Van den hul 352 cables (with banana plugs)
-Rel T9/x

I use it for listening music and also watch movies

Which connection is the best for this configuration? What are the Pro and Cons?

Thank you

Is this a single sub? If so, I’d try running it straight from the RCA sub output on the Nova.


I would recommend that you use the high level connection as recommended by Rel. Low level will work fine, and may be more convenient to set up, but high level generally gives better sound quality.

If you connect Rel by high-level input in the usual way at the side of the amplifier, you may experience loud hum. The way to solve this issue is to connect high-level inputs to the speakers’ terminals.
This is not a neat way to connect it as it requires one extra wire that goes from one speaker to the other, but in the case of Uniti Nova, it solved the problem of hum when connecting Rel sub (I have T5)

Yes Is a single Sub.
With RCA solution I shoud use a doble L & R from naim to 1 sinlge RCA to low level sub input?
Is it troue that with rca connection there is a sort of deley?

With High level connection I cant use the spade connectors with nova. It allows only banana connectors. How I shoud connect the 3 high level cable connect?

You should connect off the terminals on the back of the loudspeakers. The KEF R7 should be able to accommodate spade terminals.

Ok the high level cable included doesn’t have the spade connectors but only the stripped cable

But I can’t do the configuration showed in photo for the reason I explain above. (naim allow only banana connect)
Is there any risk to connect the rel high level cable directly to the loudspeakers?
I think is more complicated becouse the loudspeakers are distance from each other and the three stripped cable measuring about 20 cm
Is there any way to connect this stripped cable directly to the naim ?

You should connect off the terminals on the back of the loudspeakers. The KEF R7 should be able to accommodate spade terminals.

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If you want to connect to the speakers, you need to split the cable that comes with the REL, so that one wire goes to one speaker and two to the other.

You can connect at high level to the amplifier if you buy a REL Bassline Blue cable (specify the Naim option). This has stackable bananas and is specifically designed to work with Naim.

The other option is to connect at low level, using the Nova’s Sub outs.

I don’t have a REL, so can’t advise on that. I use a pair of RCA’s on my sub, which is far easier to set up and avoided extra runs of speaker cables.

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How much is the Rel Bassline blue cable with stackable bananas? Where can I buy it?

So we have 3 possible connection: high level to the naim or to the loudspeakers. Are This two the same performances?

And the RCA connection (maybe the less performing of the three solutions)

Rel has only one rca (low level imput)

So I had to use a cable like this I think

Google is your friend here. You’d need to contact your local REL dealer, specifying the Naim variant.

A 2 RCA to 1 RCA, as in your photo, you’d work.

I wouldn’t overthink this, just use the solution that’s the best fit for your room arrangement, to give the neatest arrangement of wires.

The Bassline Blue is rather expensive. You can get a much cheaper version from a cable company called Designacable. Either way, make sure you specify the Naim version of the cable if you choose to connect to the amp. If you connect to the loudspeakers you can just use the cable that is supplied by Rel with the sub.

I’ve read this topic

There are a lot of topic about sub & naim

The reason why low level connection has worse performance is due to the lack of “sub” output from the naim uniti and at the same time the lack of double R & L input on the REL?
Can mini dsp or anti-mode solve this problem?
Mini dsp doesn’t seem to have enough connection

but antimode

seems to allow the doble rca L & R from uniti nova and only one rca 180° or 0° to the sigle low level input of REL

The miniDSP can be programmed to combine 2 RCA inputs into 1 RCA output.

Where I shoud to place the mini dsp or antimode? Near the sub or near the amplifier?
And what are the benefits to use a device like antimode or midisp who combine 2 rca input into 1 rca output compared to a direct connection sub-amplifier using just one cable “2 rca - 1 rca”?

I have tried the High level connection but it showed up A sort of noise from the speakers.
I used both the High connections to the amplifier: standard and fully balanced. In the second One the black cable has not been connected.

The high level connection shouldn’t hum. Have you followed the advice on Rel’s website about different ways to connect?
What do you mean by ‘fully balanced’? There are no balanced outputs on the Nova, just low level connections using either DIN or RCA sockets.
Perhaps you could post some photos of your connections?

I don’t know if that noise could be called hum. In my oponion Is higher tone than Classic hum.
I followed the rel manual and wrapped the High level cables around to the back of banana Jacks (I Still don’t have stackable Bananas cable)

I also tried the low level connection with a simple 2 to 1 RCA cable (no coaxial)
There haven’t been strange noises but performance were very poor compared to the High level