Naim Uniti Nova

Hi, I have a Uniti nova and have experienced a fairly recent issue. At times there is a lag in using fwd/rwd/volume settings in my Naim app to the time they translate to the Nova. Sometimes metadata relating to artist/song lags and sticks to the old track when a new one is playing.
What I’ve found is switching the unit on and off fixes the issues for a few weeks and then it starts back up again.
I checked and my firmware is up to date.

What I did notice is that this started from when I installed a new router and Ethernet cables. So I have a bit of the hifi devil tapping me on the shoulder saying that’s the root cause, which seems unlikely given it fixes itself when shut on and off.

Yes there are higher and bigger problems out there, but any thoughts or words of advice?

While it’s not the biggest problem in the world, it’s a nuisance when things don’t just work as they should. The problem is almost certainly network related, especially as it started when you changed router. I’m no expert, but I wonder if it’s something to do with the router giving our new IP addresses, which is upsetting the app’s ability to find the Nova easily. We have a Nest wifi pro mesh system and I’ve assigned an IP to the nas and each Naim box. I did it to make finding the nas easier from the iMac, but it may be something that could help you.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along and say ‘do X’.

How did you switch it on and off? When a Uniti starts lagging a full power cycle usually does the trick. So have you pulled the power, waited a few minutes, and plugged it back in again as part of your tests?

Yes it was a full switch on and off and that does the trick always.

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Yes I too think it’s a router issue. I bought a Netgear GS305P, so I’m now wondering if I should replace it knowing it’s a recurring issue.

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