Naim Uniti speaker selection settings


Recently picked up a Uniti 1. The menu has selection for speaker settings which include Large, large + sub, small + sub & off. I have small with no sub. Seems odd there is no setting for small. I tried small + sub & the sound changes markedly, diminishing bass somewhat so wondered which of the 2 larger settings is best for my circumstances.

I use a pair of PMC DB1i & sometimes Neat Petite 3 in a smallish room.


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I would choose large as it is all to do with the frequencies that are handed off to the sub. As you don’t have a sub, the complete range will be handled by your speakers.


As so often with these things, it’s in the manual. Who would think to look there?

No manual here, it’s second hand. I am new to this Naim equipment having owned Olive gear for many years so thought, before wrecking it i would ask someone knowledgeable. Sarcasm was not requested in the message.



Hi, the manual is online here

Yes , but the manual is online and very clear.

A bit grumpier than usual today?

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