Naim Uniti Star and Atom HDMI issues

Hello, I have had a very frustrating issues with the HDMI (arc) input with the Naim Uniti Star and the Uniti Aton products, both unit turn on/off when I turn on the television but says “no input signal” to make the HDMI input to work I have to enter into the Naim app and deactivate and activate the HDMI auto ON, or disconnect and connect the power cable and connect again each time when I turn the tv off.
My TV is modern LG OLED 2022. This problem does not happen with other amplifiers such as; the Arcam Solo Music, the Audiolab 700A, marantz model 40n, the Kef Ls50w2. Both units are fully updated to the latest firmware, I have used different HDMI cables such as audioquest carbon 48 and vodka 48, chord epic, clearway and shawline HDMI cables.
Thank you very much for your help.

It’s not a fix per se, but issues like this can be avoided by using an optical connection.

I have a similar problem with our Sony TV.

Perhaps it’s time to accumulate a list of televisions that actually work with the various Naim products?

Naim technical support told me it was the TV manufacturer’s fault, but having read problems with Samsung and your LG, in addition to my Sony, there aren’t many manufacturers left to try.

From what I gather across the industry it’s a nightmare scenario thanks to HDMI’s HDCP handshaking. All the manufacturers seem to implement it differently (even from model to model so you can’t say that one brand is generally fine or not) and a TV that was working fine with another HDMI piece of equipment one day can stop working the next after an auto FW update. Naim try very hard to ensure as broad a compatibility as possible, but it’s a constant moving target. Let support know the make and model of your TV and the firmware version that your using and they will investigate if they can get a similar sample.

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Not just the equipment , last night using the same equipment , on one channel the disparity in synchronisation was incredibly noticeable. Next channel perfect synchronisation .

From what I saw last night it was very noticeable that the failure to synchnise with HDMI was nothing to do with my HDMI cable, my Uniti Qute or TV - it was down to the channels

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