Naim Uniti Star and B&W 702 Signature

Wondering if anyone else has (or tried) a Naim Uniti Star and B&W 702 Signature setup.

I realize what one hears is subjective, however I am not sure these are the best paired. It seams like the B&W 702s wants more power, especially at the lower volume listening levels. That is to state they don’t seem to operate well at lower volumes (which my wife prefers). When she leaves and I turn up the gorgeous Star volume control the B&W 702s do a much better job of grabbing my attention.

These two items were purchased separately over several months. I really love the Star. I upgraded from an Atom to bring more power to the B&W 702s. I am limited to a bookshelf/stand mount speaker. I was thinking of trying the B&W 805 D4 speakers but fear the Star would not drive them like they would need. Part of that 805 direction is to get some more bass without adding a sub and because of the way they look. The speakers need to be a stylish as the Star.

By the way, regardless of any gear changes, the wife stays!

Yep, much cheaper to keep the wife than have to lose her for an upgrade :grinning:

I’d definitely stick with the wife. Did you ever listened to Harbeth’s ?

Those speakers appear very limited in the US with only one dealer. But thanks for the tip. Perhaps I’ll run across some in my search.

Maybe KEF reference series ? :thinking:

I’ve successfully had the Star paired with the 702 s2, including at lower levels which is a must for us as well. Not sure to what extent the 702 signature are different.

Regarding switching to stand mounts, be aware that these are generally more difficult to drive. So perhaps it’s better to look at different brands vs a smaller speaker from the same family.

If you like the B&W otherwise, I would recommend you check out the Revel F206.

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