Naim Uniti Star + Opera 1.5

Hello everyone! I’ve been a music enthusiast since the 1970s when I used to dream about high-end audio systems (for that time, I don’t remember much except the Nakamichi 1000, but maybe it wasn’t truly high-end). I used to buy magazines to stay updated, and by the late ’70s, I had a Sansui AU 6600 amplifier paired with Goodmans speakers, a Technics turntable, Rotel tuner, and a Sony cassette deck.

In late ‘84, I was gifted a Philips CD player, and I enjoyed this setup until the ‘90s. After various upgrades (Denon, Proton, Lector, Monrio, SonusFaber, Opera), I’m now considering purchasing a new Naim Uniti Star all-in-one system because, for once, I want to treat myself. Hi-fi stores with listening rooms have practically disappeared where I live, so I’ll be buying online, relying on positive reviews.

Additionally, I have a pair of Opera 1.5 speakers that I bought used, but I don’t have their technical specs. I contacted Opera via email asking if they could send me a summary sheet in electronic format, but I didn’t receive a response. So, I’m turning to the forum for advice:

1.	Does it make sense to pair the Naim Uniti Star with Opera 1.5 speakers? Do these speakers perform well with the 70+70 Naim amplifier?
2.	From a sound perspective, what could be a better match? Focal Aria? I could also consider the SonusFaber Lumina III, which I can purchase locally.

Thanks for any insights

I don’t know about the speakers but you won’t be disappointed with the Star. I’ve had mine for 3 years after downsizing boxes.
I love the sound with my PMC Twenty5 23i floor standing speakers.

Do they look like this?

Yesss, here they are. A good match with my previous system: CD transport Onkyo, pre hybrid Monrio Asty mk. III, dual mono power ampli Monrio MC 25.

CD, pre, power ampli are all dead, after more than 20 years of service.

I need a new system, preferably all-in-one, for space reasons.

Well, I’d try first Opera then, if the outcome is unsatisfying I’ll think about a new pair of loudspeakers.

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