Naim Uniti Star - Speakers Chosen - Task Completed!

Hi all, recently joined here and this is my first post.

I bought the Uniti Star in 2018 to replace my Naim separates and continued up to now to use my original speakers, Focal Chorus 836V. Time has moved on and so has technology and I kept procrastinating about upgrading the speakers. Finally after months of researching options I booked an appointment at a chosen shop who had some of the speakers on my list but was open to suggestions.
After 3 hours of listening via Tidal (my preferred streaming), I chose the PMC twenty5.24i. I found them outstanding compared to a broad spectrum of speakers that I listened to, B&W Signature 702, Focal Aria 936, PMCtwenty5 23i and Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G. Listened to a broad spectrum of
music: symphonies, piano and violin concertos, Queen, Leonard Cohen (especially my favourite: Dance Me to the end of Love), The Beatles, film music (my favourites: Papillion, Schindler’s List, Legend of the Fall, The Gladiator), other popular vocalists, even Barry Manilow (my wife’s favourite!!!).

For me nothing compared to the PMCs 24i, the presentation of the music moved me tremendously. So now waiting for the delivery and hearing music anew!


Congratulations. I myself ended up with the 702’s (non signature, wasn’t available at the time).

Would you be willing to say something about the difference between the speakers you auditioned and why you chose those? Also what kind of music you auditioned with?

Result, enjoy the music.




Hi Lindsay, thanks for your comment. I found that the PMC’s had greater clarity, presence, musicality and soundstage over the 702s. E.G. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony which sounded overpowering and confused on the 702s and the other speakers I auditioned, on the PMCs 24i was held together better comparable to the true sound of a full-on orchestra. They also sang more to me and delivered the emotion of the music to me. That is it in a nutshell, I was totally blown away by their performance - their clarity and subtleness.

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My money ran out at the 23i’s, but they are fabulous. Run in now and sounding wonderful.

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