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I have a Uniti Star, running Linn Keilidh, without the Kustone bases, using Atlas HYPER 3.0 cable. My hifi mate and I, feel the sound isn’t focused and sounds quite flabby. I noticed a tightening up when I HYPER 3.0 replaced the old linn cable. My question is speakers, I know I should audition, however, I live in the country, so with the complications of Covid and accessing a Hifi dealer. Auditioning speakers is a right royal pain in the arse. I would like a pair of second hand or demonstrators. What would be the recommendations be? twenty5 23, ovator s400s, A5R, you get the picture… My room is 10m x 4m, 4m high. Any of your thoughts would be gratefully received! Maybe the phoaties may help. 20210318_171141|375x500

I can recommend B&W 702s2, additional benefit, that almost every dealer seems to carry the brand so should be relatively easy to audition.

But that’s of course based on my experience and tastes. And, I do wonder if positioning can improve on your issues with your current speakers.

If you can find them, the Revel F206 should also work great, but not sure about positioning, only heard them set up by a dealer in a fixed position.

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Im using Neat Iota Xplorers with my Star and highly recommend

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