Naim uniti star & turntable

Hi , need some help on the most cost effective way of connecting a turntable to my uniti star , I recently upgraded my naim nait amplifier & cd 5 to the all in one uniti star , which I pleased with , but I did not realise the stageline does not connect to the star , I presently own a rega rp1 turntable. I’ve since seen a post on this forum , the only way to connect is to get a interconnect 4-5 pin that goes from my stageline to star , then get a flat cap, any suggestions be greatly appreciated,
Or is there a simpler way & i’m being a bit stupid
Many thanks

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Welome to the forum @Rob73!

…sorry I can’t answer your questions but I’m sure someone will be by soon with a response.

Short of getting a Flatcap and a 4-5 interconnect, which may well be overkill on an RP1, it may be much more sensible and cost effective to trade in the Stageline for something like a Rega Fono


Probably the best option is to buy a different phono pre-amp, such as one of the Rega Fono ones.

Ah, I see I was beaten to it. Anyway, welcome !!

Hi Rob, I would suggest like everybody else that a Rega Fono is a very good suggestion

Also a speak out for Pro-Ject who are very competitive in the affordably priced turntable market

I have a Star and am connecting my RP6 to it with a Rega Aria phono stage.

It costs more and is definitely overkill for an RP1, BUT it is sounding very good indeed with my Star and perhaps keeps the way open to upgrading the turntable to be more in line with the capabilities of the Star?

Thankyou very much for your responses , much appreciated, will definitely look down the rega Fono route now , it’s got me thinking now to upgrade to a rega rp2 or maybe rp3 :thinking:
Thanks guys

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If you have a later Stageline, with the two DIN sockets on the back, then a NAIM i-supply (if you can find one) would work to power the Stageline.

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If you get an i-Supply then be sure it’s the S type and it comes with a 4-5 interconnect (or else you’ll need to budget extra for the 4-5 i/c).

However, I think money would be better spent moving to a Fono which will allow more funds if you wish to upgrade the deck.

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The iSupply that is currently on eBay is the S version, but doesn’t seem to come with a lavender interconnect. Whether £150 buy it now is a good price I don’t know. But I agree that if sticking with a Rega, the latest Fono Mk3 for £199 seems a very good idea. The Stageline could be sold and the cash put towards a better deck. A £650 phono stage / power supply with a £250 turntable doesn’t really make sense. A Planar 3 or 6 with a Fono or Fono MC would be a really nice combination.

Agree with you guys, think I’m better off getting the fono & upgrading my record player to rp3 , the rp6 will be out of my budget , but would have been nice :blush: , been a good excuse to upgrade the record player thou :slightly_smiling_face:thanks again for all suggestions :+1:

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