Naim Uniti Star - USB version

I’m on the point of buying a Uniti Star, and have been reading reviews, specs, and posts in this forum. One thing I can’t work out is what version of USB the Star supports.

The specs say the Star has two USB ports, both Type-A. But this only describes the socket. A USB Type-A socket might support USB 3.0 (5 GB/s) or USB 3.1 (10GB/s) - or it could even be USB 2.0 (less than 0.5 GB/s). I have failed to find a reference to the USB version that is supported.

Does anyone know the answer?

2.0. Does it matter? Music files aren’t that large, and easily catered for by the throughput of usb 2.0.

Thanks robert_h - it helps, in fact! It means I may be able to use an old slow 500MB drive that isn’t doing anything useful at the moment

Yes absolutely.

By the way, USB 3.0 and 3.1 are compatible with 2.0

And the Star provides more power than original USB2.0 standard; so external 2.5“ drives should all work fine through USB-power.

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