Naim Uniti Star

Morning All, I am new to the group and seeking some advice?
I am looking to buy a streamer, I believe the Uniti Star is a good platform, but have both good and bad! What is the view from owners? Especially with regards to a novice higher end user. What would you expect to pay for a pre loved unit, without warranty/ would you simply only consider from shop? Thank you

I have owned a star for several years now. Initially, it was in my main system, now it is the hub of my bedroom system. It is an easy product to use and if you have any problems you can come here for advice. I have no idea what the current prices are and suggest you look around the web to see what it is.


I’m also pretty happy with mine, but have to admit I’ve rarely used the CD player. I think for a novice it’s great, as it has every input option under the sun, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, etc.

One weird, but minor, issue is that the CD functionality, can’t be controlled from the unit itself. Yet it is the only input that actually requires you to approach it.


I’ve had mine for several years and have also hardly used the CD player. I use dBpoweramp to rip CDs and store them on a NAS. Had I realised how little the CD player would be used I would have bought a Nova instead. Generally pleased with it but sometimes wonder how much better the Nova would have sounded. I tend to use headphones mostly and bought a separate headphone amp to use with it as I wasn’t impressed with the sound from the headphone socket.