Naim Uniti Star

Hi all,

I need help, suggestion, advice regarding amplifier.
My system is Naim Uniti Star with 2 PMC twenty5 23 speakers.
In the ceiling I have 4 speakers YAMAHA NS-IC600, which I want to connect to Uniti Star.
What I need, amplifier or pre amplifier to connect to Uniti Star and where it connects on Uniti Star? Preamp Output?
Which amp or preamp I should use to connect 4 Yamaha ceiling speakers?
Or, what I need to connect Yamaha speakers to Uniti Star?
Thanks in advance for help. :slight_smile:

You need a receiver with pre-out for the Front left and Right speakers, minimum would be a Marantz 1610 I believe, but you’d probably be better of with a 5013/6013 or whatever numbering they’re up to now. From the receivers pre-out for the front R/L you’d connect to the Stars Analog inputs, go into the apps settings find analog 1 and set it to fixed volume. This will now make the Stars preamp section inactive and only work as an amplifier with the volume and preamp of the Marantz taking over when you select the analog input. Connect all other speakers to the Marantz appropriate speaker terminals for surrounds/surround back/heights etc.

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Thank you very much for replay,

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