Naim Uniti + Trenner & Friedl

Hello fellow Naim enthusiasts.
I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with their Naim kit and Trenner & Friedl speakers?
I’m currently running a UnitiStar with Rega P3 and Totem Forest speakers and while I love my Forests, I listened to T&F speakers at a show recently and was bowled over with the huge soundstage, imaging and detail. Aesthetically, they are also beautiful with their less-is-more appearance. Specifically, I’m looking at the Art and/or Osiris models from T&F.
Appreciate any feedback.

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I know one person who was running T&F with some Naim amplification. He loved it. This was many years ago - I think he eventually moved away from naim.

Thank you MMky.
Appreciate the feedback.

I have the Forest Signatures and ran them with the Nova and now a SN2. They certainty can deliver the characteristics you mention, but do enjoy more current as you go up the amplification range. I have the Hawks now with the Nova.

If you do change, just check that the model you get is match well with the power of the Star. Could luck.

I had a pair of T&F Arts-the previous edition, not current one, playing on my Uniti 1 for a couple of weeks, loved that setup very much! The Uniti drove them very well in my modest sized room, they are fine little speakers that have a bigger sound. I have wondered what the little Suns would be like…

In the end, I did not buy the Arts, but came very close. I was looking and listening to a more wholesale system change at the time, and moved in a different direction. I still have my Uniti though, connected to a pair of Guru Junior Plus.

By the way, I also came very close to buying the Osiris, it is an intriguing speaker to me. Here in the US, there just are not many dealers, so it is a difficult proposition to hear them, let alone with your own electronics. T&F are certainly somewhat unique, expensive of course, but I like them a lot.

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