Naim Uniti

hi folks , my naim uniti cd / amp S/no 289546 , LCD panel has finally died … is this item repairable ? would Naim support this repair ?

As long as the Uniti has the later 24/192 streaming board, I believe Naim can still replace the screen.

Streamers with the older 24/96 or 16/44.1 board cannot have the screen replacement. There are, however, some third party suppliers who can sell you a screen for DIY replacement.


As ChrisSU has said, Naim canot support an early Uniti screen replacement.

Last year I helped a friend to remediate his early Uniti by acquirin a replacement screen from France and fitting it for him.

The process was tricky for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there are repalcements for ‘Uniti 1’ (24/96 board) and ‘Uniti 2’ (24/192 board), so make sure yours is correct as theseare NOT interchangeable. Also, buy the more expensive ‘original’ rather than the cheaper ‘clone’ version.

Secondly, the Manual supplied with the replacement screen is not wholly reliable. For example the simple tools it suggests are insufficient for working with the very restricted spaces inside the Uniti. However, the Manual does lay out the steps you need to follow, so it is also useful.

Thirdly, the trickiest part is cutting down (or filing down) the old aluminium screen supports before inserting the new screen. The Manual recommends cutting these individually down to 1 mm, but in practice doing so that requires a tiny, specialised, cutter. I just carefully cut the old supports as best as, and then filed the stumps as fine as possible.

At the end of the day, the dead screen was replaced with a new one at some cost in money and even more in time and patience. But an almost £2000 Uniti 1 that otherwise could only have operated via the Naim App [which my friend can’t use because of a Disabilit] is now working again with a lovely clear display.