Naim Unitiqute 1

Dear Naim Community.
I am new here, I am very sorry if this has been asked before.
I have received Naim Unitiqute 1 from a very good friend of mine.
When I plug in a USB Stick with 256 GB of music, the NU is not able to find it.
I was thinking a factory reset would do the job, so I did try to apply factory reset, but in order to confirm it, I must press the Naim Logo on the front. For some reason, this is not working too.
I would like to say that the USB port did find my USB stick before and playing music was possible.
I very much would appreciate your feedback.

Hi Emir
The earlier Naim streamers were not really designed to handle a music collection on a USB drive. The USB input was really designed to connect iOS devices, and memory sticks with an album or two on them.
If you want to access more than that you really need to have the music accessible over your home network running a UPnP server.

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