Naim Unitiqute 2 with one single stereo enclosure

No groaning needed! This is not about which pair of small speakers would work well with the UQ2. I’ve complied a list of small speakers with the help of reading this forum and reviewing various on-line HiFi reviews etc. Here’s my dilemma, and all friendly advice accepted.

My goal was to get some music back into my small study room (2.5M x 3.5M), and my original idea was to re-enlist the services of my UQ2 after some 7 years lying dormant and unused. There’s no space to fit for my old Tannoy 611’s (although I could actually place them on top of two small book cases which are 1.24 metres high - but this would look a bit silly and be overly dominant). With the additional thought being I could get my old Nakamichi CD Player 2 re-commissioned (for ~200 Euro) and hook it back up to the UQ2. But by the time I add a pair of half decent small speakers + repairing the CD loading mechanism) we’re talking about 1K+ Euro. I then realised (given the restricted set-up of my room) by placing 2 small speakers on the top of these 2 book cases which back up very close to a wall) I will probably never get the best stereo sound out of them - irrespective of which speakers I chose! Stand mounts not an option given the restricted space and shape of the room.

Hence, given my casual (but still decent) listening needs, I figured that a Ruark R3S could be the ideal all-in-one solution. Great connectivity and quality, and with a built in CD player - what’s not to like?! A second option being a QB2 as an alternative to the Ruark.

My mind then drifted to “what if I could hook up the UQ2 with a single speaker enclosure which gives stereo like sound?” If such an animal exists, this could be worth pursuing perhaps… or, am I crazy in this thinking? All thoughts and alternative ideas welcomed!


Have you considered a TV soundbar which has RCA inputs.

You could connect from the headphone socket (3.5mm to RCA) or maybe from the Pre amp output RCAs.


I would either get a pair of speakers for the Unitiqute or sell it and buy a Muso.
There are loads af good small speakers around, some of which could work well enough on a bookshelf, or perhaps better on wall brackets.

I have proac d20r floorstanders in a room not too dissimilar from that size. Depends on how much furniture you have I guess. I would definitely look at speakers on stands.

Thanks DG, good idea! Never thought of that. I shall explore this route further.


Thanks Chris, makes sense. The funny thing is (and I didn’t want to complicate my post by mentioning) we also have a Muso1 which is used as our main listening post in our living area and which doubles up as a sound bar for the TV.
Some years back, SHMBO insisted the Tannoy’s, Sony VCR, Nakamichi Receiver 1 and CD Player 2, and Naim QB2 all had to be banished. Given we also have a Humax, modem, and a BluRay DVD Player; I guess she had a point!
On the horizon I’d also like to upgrade the Muso1 - and it would be really convenient if Naim were to imminently launch a Muso3! Then - no discussion - I’d stick the Muso-1 in the study room.
This would also allow the QB2 to form part of the planned for AV / HiFi man cave in the attic which has been WIP for longer than I care to remember…


Thanks Robert for the suggestion.

Id echo the recommendation to go for a passive soundbar like maybe the Klipsche or, preferably, true wall hanging speakers. I think something like Dali Oberon On-Wall would be the ticket but that is stretching your stated budget.

Thanks Zen for your suggestion, appreciated.

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