Naim Unitiqute

I would like some advice from you, I would like to connect my Unitiqute to the Nac 72 but I don’t know how to do it, please help me. Thank you

You need a stereo rca to 5 pin din interconnect.
Just treat it the same as any other source. The output is variable, so fix the volume on the uq and adjust overall volume with the 72.

It seems to me that the Nac 72 also has an aux rca input I can’t use that?


You need a RCA to 5 pin DIN lead. Connect the RCA end to the “preamp output” and the DIN to the back of your NAC 72 in one of the inputs sockets. You can select “fixed gain” in the UQ settings so the volume is completely controlled by the NAC 72 or leave as is and the the volume an be controlled by both. If you want the convenience of RC I would set the NAC 72 to about 10 o’clock and then control the volume via the UQ. Some might argue that not using the fixed gain will degrade SQ but let your ears decide. Easy.

Ok thank you very much

If the Aux RCA input is at line level then you can of course use that. Theoretically a Din input should sound a bit better.

The unitiqute doesn’t have a fixed output volume setting as a choice. You set the speaker type to “none” in the settings when using the uq as a preamp only (when hooking it up to a separate power amp or another integrated), but the volume control always works. So you set it at an appropriate value and leave it there if you want it fixed.

Yes, you are correct of course. Getting mixed up with the DAC-V1.

I believe all of the NAC72s that had these Aux inputs were BNC, not RCA. However, it could have been modifies at some point to RCA and, if not, you can use RCA to BNC adapters.

In my Nac 72 there is also an rca entrance

Like this?


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