Naim Unitiserve

Hi all
I’ve brought a Unitiserve recived a lot of CD’s and thought I put them on naim’s unitisserve hard drive, can’t get it to play I’ve plugged The monitor mouse and keyboard. Have menu on the Pc, tried digital 1,2,3 plugged the unitiserve into my naim NDX BT
Maybe I have to plug it strait into the 252 I was thinking that the unitiserve would simply pass through the NDX BT
No idea what to do know :thinking: bit disappointed thought I would be playing ripped CD’s by now

The Unitiserve manual explains quite comprehensively how it works, how to control it and connect it.

Hi Burg, did you receive a copy of the manual with it?
If not, with a little searching you should find it available for download.
I would definitely recommend it.

I am no expert, but I believe there are two ways to play music on the Unitiserve.

One is to use your NDX, via the Focal/Naim app, in uPnP mode. Browse the Unitiserve library and play from there.
In this way, the Unitiserve is sending the music over your home network, to the NDX which is also on your home network.

The second method is to use the digital output from the Unitiserve, connecting it via a digital coaxial cable (such as a Naim DC1 cable) into a digital “in” socket on the NDX.
Using this method, the music would be accessed, browsed and played from either the keyboard/monitor (if used) or the Naim nServe app. This app is only available on Apple IOS devices.

I hope this might help to get you started!

Im using the TosLink, mouse, Monitor are connected but still no sound from the NDX BT from digital 1,2,or 3 :thinking:

Manual doesn’t cover the Input from the NDX I don’t no if the digital input should moved to a stable of an unstable source, currently set as No

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer? If so , load the Naim N-Serve app and it should find your Unitiserve over your home network. This is how you would normally control it. For Windows computers it’s the Desktop Client.

Then on the NDX you should be able to play music through digital input 3 for Toslink.

I would suggest that using a network connection is preferable to Toslink. To do this, remove the Toslink cable, go to the UPnP input on the NDX, and the Unitiserve should be listed there.

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No, leave that setting alone.

Can you first tell us how you have the Unitiserve connected to your NDX, please?

I would suggest using the Focal/Naim app, for simplicity.
Open the app, select the NDX and go to the UPnP icon.
In here you should find the Unitiserve (NSSRVxxx) and library content.
Then just browse to and select some music and it should play.

If you wish to use the Unitiserve hard wired (Toslink, coax) I believe you would need to use the nServe app instead.

I would firstly get it working without a cable connection to the NDX, using the upnp method, above.

Something to note: Due to the age of the Unitiserve the internal battery may need to be replaced. If the Naim Logo on the front blinks endlessly the battery is dead. My dealer replaced the battery (but had to buy a mouse and keyboard off of ebay to reinitialize it).

Once connected to your network the Naim App or N-Serve app will give you access to your library.

Another thing to note: you must turn the US off properly. You can’t just turn the power off or unplug the power supply. You have to press and hold the front panel logo and once it has stopped flashing and gone off, you can then use the back panel switch to take the power off.

The reason for this is that the operating system is held on the internal hard disc drive and like all old windows PCs, you risk ending up with unrecoverable errors on the hard disc. If that happens then the US has to go back to Salisbury and it’s a very expensive repair.

Didn’t work using digital 3 out :thinking: not possible to link to the network, I’m three floors away from the router

US requires connection to the router - unfortunately no exceptions.
Use a patch cable between router and US - which can be anywhere on your network.
Once done if the US is functioning correctly, it will appear in the app when you select NDX / servers.

Surely your NDX has a network connection? If the Unitiserve is close to it, you should then be able to connect it with an Ethernet cable.