Naim Unity Atom and Apple Time capsule/shared drive

Anyone experience using an USB drive linked to router (time capsule in this case) as media source for the Atom?. With my Sonos it was working, but the Atom does not see this (as) server. The setting in the time capsule are on “shared” and allowing “guest access”. Thanks.

Have you tried putting the USB drive on the Atom? This should work well, and with Server mode enabled it will work with other UPnP streamers. I understand that Sonos use a non-standard UPnP implementation so not sure if it will see the Atom, but easy to try.
As far as I’m aware you can’t run a UPnP server on a Time Capsule so I doubt that would work.

Indeed connecting directly to the Atom is alternative indeed, but then other computers can’t approach I am afraid, and updating the drive will be a bit more laborious. Thre are bigger issues in life …

Sonos can pick up files from a “network share”, i.e. just a folder of music being exported by a PC or NAS or Time Capsule in this case. I guess, that’s what you are using.
The Naim products (e.g. Atom) don’t do that.

As Chris mentions, when you plug the USB drive into the Atom, it will a) access the local media and b) offer export via UPnP to the network - if Sonos picks this up, it should work. (At least some NAS vendors claim it works.)

Alternatives would be putting the drive / media somewhere (PC, NAS, …), where both can access it; but I fear the Time Capsule won’t work in this case.

Yes, the drive attached to the Atom is only visible to other streamers so it’s not the best solution for a large library or when you make regular changes. A separate NAS or computer running a decent server is the ideal solution.

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