Naim unity atom HE

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New here first post. How do you see the resolution bits-kHz of the file or streaming title you are listening with the unity atom HE? Is it possible to have it on screen?

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You can see it in the App, but not on the screen.


You can see it on the screen if you move your hand (or anything to set off the proximity sensor) near the screen, or press the “playing now” button on the remote. It shows for a few seconds then goes back to the artwork.

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Poor implementation in my opinion. It is also shown when you first start it playing, but for subsequent tracks it’s back to just artwork.
The old streamers allowed you to toggle through various different screen options and choose the one you like. A far better arrangement to my mind.

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Agree the screen on all the latest unitis are a wasted opportunity as they don’t display much useful into at all. I had mine off as a result when I had one. Shame they didn’t keep the original look used in the original marketing way better.

You are right of course, I hadn’t realised that it’s there. I have my screen switched on, and rather like having the cover art. I don’t agree with the idea that the screen is a wasted opportunity. Once the album is selected it’s not important to me to know what the resolution etc might be, as I can hold that information in my memory. Most people’s Unitis are too far from where they are listening to see written details, unless they like to listen while looking at their stereo with opera glasses.


Thanks! It works with my external hard drive connected to usb. I can see bits-kHz and dsd. But its not showing with Spotify or radio. Probably because the format is mp3.

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