Naim Unity Star cuts analog phono signal when playing

Hi, my Unity Star cuts the analog signal to the phono source record player and the sound disappears for a while. The analogue 1 symbol disappears from the window, goes black. When I use the app and press the Analogue button again, the sound comes back. It usually happens when I have played a couple of songs on one side of the vinyl record. Have thought of restoring the factory settings if that could help? Thankful for help or tips what to do or if anyone experienced the same thing.


I’ve experienced this in the past. From memory there was a memory leak (no pun intended). I would check if there’s no firmware updates outstanding.

Also, if you unplug it for 20secs and then start it back up, does the issue still occur? Or only after a period of time?

Hi, I did a factory reset and the problem disappeared, but now I have a problem that the CD skips or cracks at the beginning of some tracks, sometimes one track and sometimes every track, but then plays on until the end and the problem occurs at the beginning of the next track. Any suggestions?

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