Naim update failed on NDX

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i just bought a used NDX 2014. The previous owner did not update the software so it was still on v 4.0.0. Spotify did not work and Tidal was not on the list of inputs. I updated the software to 4.8 with Naim support telephone help. It updated the first section (ARM) successfully but failed when it reached DSPDAC (Negotiation failed). Spotify now works but no Tidal. Furthermore, this means I presume that the streamer and DAC software did not get updated as well. I will speak to Naim support on Monday but does anyone know how to get around it? I have subsequently updated v 4.4, 4.6 and reinstalled 4.8 but it failed at the same point every time on all versions.

Thank you

Maybe @Mike-B could help here.

Sorry but I’ve never experienced this failure.
All I can suggest is to remove/uninstall all the existing Naim update files from your computer & reload a new 4.8 installer.
Then reading the latest Naim Updates .PDF
Follow the instructions exactly to the letter, this will include downloading the latest Silabs USB link software.

If that doesn’t workout, better talk to Naim tomorrow

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Try downloading the full update from the Naim support page again and then have another go. It may be corrupted.

@Philiphifi The part of the update that failed is the part delivered over the Ethernet connection to the streamer. Unless you have a hardware fault, I expect that error message means that the Ethernet/WiFi connection between the PC and the NDX failed.

You don’t need to worry about the Silabs driver as that obviously did work (the first part of the update is delivered over the USB lead). Also I think it’s unlikely that the 4.8 updater is corrupted.

The advice to read the update instructions again and follow them to the letter is certainly the best advice. Also if you are using WiFi to connect the NDX to the router, consider using a temporary Ethernet cable instead. You need both the USB connection and the Ethernet connection (via the router) between the PC and the NDX to be working throughout the update.

Fortunately you can just run the update again as the NDX has some permanent firmware that always boots and reads the updater if it’s there, so there is nothing you need to do to the NDX after a failed update except try again.

The last thing to say is to be patient. Some of the changes between steps take a minute or two. Also right at the end, the PC will say “Success” but the update isn’t yet finished and you need to wait until the display on the NDX is back to normal.

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