Naim users: Does your TIDAL playlist stop after 1 song?

Hi there,

After asking a few of my naimee guys here locally, I have come to the conclusion that we all (occasionally) experience this strange thing:

Occasionally (not always) when we play an album from Tidal, lets say you click to play a whole album, SOMETIMES the NDX (in my case) will stop playing after 1 song, instead of playing the whole album

Just curious - if this is a normal behaviour?


I think this is not normal. Are there more tracks in the playlist? Or did you accidentally click on play this track instead of play all from this track on? (I do not know the exact wording because I use the naim app in german)

Yes, that has happened to my 272 perhaps 3 times lately.
I’ve never had that I’m aware of before that.

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Hi, only been using tidal for a short while, but never had an issue and listened to a lot of albums all the way through, using a Star. Haven’t used the playlist function however.

I think this is usually an issue that is caused by a break or significant slowing down of the Tidal feed, most usually not in the home network or even in the user’s connection to the local internet network, but somewhere deeper towards the local Tidal servers. That’s why it can be fine for weeks and then suddenly not for a day or two. And why it happens to some users and not others. The new platform streamers are more immune to this because they have large on board buffers.



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Yes that’s the thing - it doesn’t always happen , but happens enough time for me (and many of my friends ) to notice

I have brushed it off as being “one of those weird , random computer things that can’t be explained” but sometimes I wonder if there’s a permanent fix for it

yes, bit random but yes.

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For sure yes. Just today I have it occurred twice on the same song!

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It’s infuriating.

I registered here a couple of weeks ago to see if there’s a fix but after reading literally hundreds of posts in hundreds of threads it seems there is no fix other than trading to the newer platform or ditching the Naim app and moving to Bubble, Mconnect etc.

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I’m going to update the firmware.
I’m still on the previous version ending in a 6.

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Anyone in the house using the same Tidal account on a different device? This can sometimes cause the issue you describe. Not much you can do about this other than to subscribe to the family version.

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I get a message when this happens though, something like " music already being played on Naim" from memory

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