Naim V1 DAC as Headphone Amp with ND5 XS 2?

I would like to utilize my V1 DAC as a headphone amp. How would I hook that up up?

  • Naim Supernait3
  • Naim ND5 XS 2
  • Naim V1 DAC
  • Naim CD 5X with Naim Flatcap 2

I like the headphone amp in the V1 DAC better then one included with Supernait3!

Do you want to just listen to streamer via phones, or CD player too?

If just streamer, then use the XS2 as a transport into the DAC V1 then into SN .

Connect the ND5 to the V1 with an SPDIF cable, and V1 to Supernait analogue input and you’ll be able to use the V1 headphone amp. Whether you prefer the sound quality of the V1 over the ND5 when using it with speakers is another matter, but it’s not impossible that you might prefer it.

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