Naim Volume / Balance pots (NAC 252)

Hi all,

I currently own a NAC 252, bought it first hand from a local dealer. However with the amp been used for merely months, the balance pod had some contact issue affecting the sound, (sometimes sound is not balance, have zapping noise when turning in low volume or no volume in one channel, especially on low volume…)and turning both knobs left and right in full circles to “exercise” them didn’t help.

Not sure this is “normal” for Naim preamp, but I was surprised and a bit disappointed with Naim of such issue in a brand new equipment in this price range! I took the 252 to my dealer and replace the volume/balance pods.

A few month afterwards, (now) I just realised the music is not balance when in super low volume, like 95/5 % (left/right) when the volume knob start from no sound to audible music. The % improves to 90/10, 85/15… and eventually 50/50. But such volume is a bit too loud when listening at night.

Has anyone had the same issue ? Is this a common thing with Naim NAC that it is not “designed” to be operate in such low volume? or the new volume/balance pods I got replaces were also faulty?

Appreciate anyone who can share their experience, thanks.

This is a known issue… the volume control has a potential for channel balance issues at low volumes but is chosen for sound quality.
My solution was to attenuate the input so to require a higher setting on the volume dial… i achieved this via dsp on my digital source.

Thanks Deeg.

I am using a Naim streamer and set it as automation with the preamp using a RCA cable so I can change preamp volume using the Naim app or the streamer remote.

Can it be done in my setup?

Sorry, cannot help with that…am not familiar with Naim Streamers as I use Roon and a Naim Dac as my source…

Am sure someone will be along to post a fix for you shortly :+1:

No worries , thanks Deeg.

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What speakers are you using as very sensitive ones can exacerbate the situation? e.g if they are 90db for 1W.

Mine is ATC SCM20L passive

Sensitivity for your speakers seems to be around 85dB so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe get in touch with Naim and see what they advise.

You can’t do this with Naim streamers or old classic amps. The input sensitivity is very high (high meaning a low threshold) so the imbalance is noticeable. The pots are keyed with alternate left and right. The volume doesn’t go up quite in tandem on ALPS pots but generally is imperceptable above a whisper.

The New Classic range have done away with pots and use a resistor ladder. Personally, I never noticed the problem once in years of use until someone mentioned it.

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