Naim VTuner website is not working

Hi All,
When I access the Naim VTuner website I cannot see the stations I have previously programmed using the website (
Is this still the way to program Internet stations for Naim devices?
Any ideas?

Depending on how long ago you set them as favourites, Vtuner may have changed the internet locations.

Try searching for and resaving as favourites.


I can enter the station on the website but I do not see any way to save it to favourites.
What am I missing?

Favourites are set using the naim app, not the website.
Can you search for the stations using the Internet Radio section of the Naim app?

In the Internet Radio input in the Naim app, you should see any stations you have added at under Added Stations. If you want them as Favourites you need to find them there, and then ‘favourite’ them.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the directions. I have managed to add some other stations to my presets using the Focal-Naim app.
Has Naim moved away from using the website?
When I sign on I am shown a search dialogue that allows me to play stations but not save anything.

When you play a station, tap the star button towards the bottom of the screen and it’ll be added as a favourite :grinning:.


Naim are still using vTuner. Once you log in you should see any previously saved stations, and below that, the option to add another station: