Naim wiki (suggestion)

As mentioned on the REL thread, I think there is a wealth of information “burried” in the forum threads some of which could supplement a well documented set of wiki pages. This would also support the going green initiative. It would also be a time for the company to assess the current documentation and update accordingly.
This is a suggestion and many follow this in their day to day working practices.

It’s started, and there can always be more.

Don’t forget the forum FAQs. Lots of really useful information in there.

Hi Richard
Yes agreed, but there are many details which are very useful that are not covered in the manuals and are simply burried (Not lost) that can be found with a search. Just my opinion that things organised as a wiki that includes the foundations and manuals is an excellent way to present things and to preserve knowledge as well. In some places these things are now mandatory.

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