Naim with Klipsch?


I’ve read older posts that say these two often don’t pair well, however I interested to know if anyone has experience with more recent models, for example SN2 with Klipsch Forte III, Cornwall’s or RP-8000F, RF 7 etc?


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Max, a past member of the forum, replaced lately his Ovators with a pair of Forte III which he found to be very musical and ‘honest’ though the move was made only after he had switched electronics to Pass Labs.
I suggest you listen to them yourself to see if you like them. These speakers are very easy to drive.

I heard the RF 7 with audioanalogue and liked the result.

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A feature of most Klipsch speakers is high sensitivity, typically around 100dB/W depending on the model. That means that for any given setting on the amp they will be 10 or even 15 dB louder than the majority of speakers having a sensitivity more like 87dB/W. Or looking at it another way, they will only need 1/10th or less of the power to sound as loud, with the volume control being that much lower if the same amp is used. It also means that any noise from the power amp heard through the speakers - hiss or buzz etc, will be also be 10db louder. They therefore tend to be best suited to relatively low gain and relatively low power amps, with valve amps often seen as a good match.

This doesn’t mean in any way that they won’t work well with Naim amps, provided that the above considerations don’t present a problem in your own situation.


I remember an old interview with Paul W Klipsch where he was complaining about the absence of very good quality 5 watts amps (a long time ago…) .
The statement was used by the Italian review Stereoplay to present the new Naim Nait in 1983… So to say in my mind there is a link between Klipsch and Naim… :grinning:

A good amp is a good amp as it is a speaker so I do not see a major issue. As already sad in previous posta the Highlanders efficiency require a bit more care about room size and amp power. It would be a bit of a problem with the heritage series but it would be interesting to audition a Naim-Klipsch system with the modern ranges.
Just my opinion…

Klipsch Cornwall with Nap 140/42.5 CD3.5 meshed fairly well. Very dynamic and could play loud. A little shouty but nice presentation. Upgraded to PSB gold stratus i which improved things dramatically.

Given the general high sensitivity of Klipsch speakers and the right/left channel imbalance in most Naim amps with analogue potmeters at the bottom of the volume scale you might experience imbalance issues at low listening levels. Worth checking out in the anticipated specific set up before possibly buying.

There’s another thread asking why Naim has a balance control on their preamps. This may explain!

A small correction: Max is using the Hersey III model.

Thanks everyone for the replies, there’s some very useful insights there.

Iv used supernait 2 with klipsch rf 7.11 n i​:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:them thought they sounded fantastic… Lots of dynamics and bass… N tried with b@w cm9 but waay prefer the klipsch…

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you have to use a Naim with digital volume adjustment, otherwise as soon as you touch the volume, it sounds too loud or too soft

Superuniti, Uniti Nova and 250DR play quite good with Forte III, impressive with Cornwall III but both have been beaten by Italian Unison Research MAX 2 speakers. Real, dynamic, detailed, live sound but smooth and refined. Only the truth about the music but subtly spiced with sweetness.

No you don’t.
I’ve a friend who uses Cornwall III with his 52/135s.

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The head at darTZeel uses Klipsch K-Horns at home with his $$$ electronics. I tried Hersey III’s with a UnitiQute2 at my office… ultra dynamic and a live sound. They produced prodigious db’s and in a small room they were fatiguing, but I get why folks like them. There’s a “listening bar” in Los Angeles which uses K-Horns, Garrard turntables and Audio Note tube amps. Google: In Sheep’s Clothing Hi Fi Record Bar

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