Naim XPS

Hi Chaps…

System is

Nac 252 + Supercap 2
Nap 300 DR
Naim Fraim Lite
B&W 804 D3 Speakers

Just wondering… is it worth getting the XPS upgrade for the NDX2…

Cos got to be honest it sounds pretty amazing as is…! But It’ll be the final piece to the puzzle…

Basically, is it worth it ?

Must listen for yourself , did nothing for me!
I’ll rephrase, it didn’t anywhere near meet my expectations given it’s cost.
I personally will save for the 555DR and would in your shoes, given the rest of your system.

I’ll get my coat! :grimacing:

Worked for me. Of course a 555DR should bring more but the XPS DR really does add to the musicality of my system (252/250/S400). You hear what it does when you remove it. Is a demo possible? That is the obvious path.

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Thanks for the response…
so hard to demo now days!

Literally have bought the lot off eBay without listening :joy:… (done a load of research thou) and so far so good)!

Just can’t believe how it could sound better !!

I would most definitely want an XPS powering the NDX2 in a system of that calibre. (Although personally I preferred to go down the offboard DAC route rather than the offboard PSU, which is always another option.)

Hi Chris…

Thanks for the response… what’s an off board DAC?
Sorry I’m a bit of a newbie at all this?




I’ve bought a 4TB usb drive for the music plugged in to the back usb… (all ripped from CD by a unity serve)
I’ve got Qobuz but it kept skipping when streaming anything above CD quality? Not sure why??
Is this the best way to do it? Or should I get a Naim uniticore ?

Hi Andy, just a separate DAC connected to the SPDIF digital output on a Naim streamer. The Naim NDAC was a popular upgrade for a Naim streamer, now discontinued, but plenty of them still in use like this. I use my NDX2 with a Chord DAC, as do quite a few other forum members, but there are quite a few other DACs around these days that you could choose.
I’m not saying this is necessarily a better option than adding an XPS, just a different one.

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