Naim XS left speaker channel dead

I cannot get any volume at all out of the left speaker channel on my Naim XS integrated amp. I switch the speaker cables and find that both speakers work when connected to the right speaker channel but none work when connected to the left. I have tried to balance the speakers using the balance controls on the Namcor 4 remote but with no success.

Any idea?

What cables from source to XS are you using, have you checked with another source or cable?

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Try turning power off. Pull out the link plug around the back and carefully insert it back in again

Is it the same via headphones?

Maybe you’ll have to play half the funeral march!

There is not a control of balance on the Nait XS.

Does the fault appear on all inputs?

Had this with my XS a couple of years ago, needed to be sent to Naim to be fixed.

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I have checked with another source (eg. Turntable as well as CD) but with same results

I think I am heading in that direction unfortunately. Could I ask roughly how much it cost and how long they took to fix?

Yes I tried another input with my turntable and had the same issue

Tried but no joy. Thanks anyway

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was under £200, any a few other bits were updated at the same time. It took about 3 weeks till I got it back, but some of that may hav3 been due to timescales for when I was able to pick it up from Audio T.

You could also try asking Class A in Sheffield. They are a Naim authorised service agent, and possibly quicker and cheaper than getting your dealer to send the amp to Naim.

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