Naïm xs serial

Strange thing, i am planning of purchasing an xs AMP, it has serial 345921, on the box it is a xs2, on the backsite of the AMP it is an Xs, what could be right?

That’s perhaps not the original box, I’d trust what it says on the back of the amp

Serial on both are the same

I’d contact Naim directly in order to clarify the situation.

I know the label software. It’s theoretically possible to print an incorrect part number and serial number combination, as you need to type both to print. The description is then pulled from the database using the part number entered. Thus I’d believe the back of the unit itself.

Be careful the situation with the NAIT XS can be a little confusing; there’s an XS-2 and an XS2. IIRC, the XS-2 was a cosmetic update (fascia) to the NAIT XS. The later XS2 was internally updated and improved and should have NAIT XS2 printed on the back. If you have any queries regarding any specific item you can contact Naim with the serial number.

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What does the front look like? You could possibly tell then if it’s an Xs or an Xs-2 fascia change model. Perhaps it was sent to the factory for a service and fascia change? Naim can tell you the service history, if any.

It has a 3,5mm headphone jack, so i guess it’s a XS, would €700 be a good price for a 2013?

That price seems a bit of a bargain, there’s a reputable dealer in the uk with an older Xs starting 32xxxx for £1095. I had an Xs before my sn2, it’s a very good amp.

I’d say £650 is bang on for that amp. Dealers will always always add a premium, for the pleasure. I’ve been tracking the sold prices of NAITS for about a year (to sell mine after going active) and the first gen nait Xs seems to go for around £500-£700. As I said, expect to pay more from a retailer

The original XS had a facia revision during it’s lifecycle hence the XS-2 versioning. The NAIT itself will still have NAIT XS written on it making it a NAIT XS version 1 internally.
A NAIT XS 2 will say so on both the box and the amp itself and is a revision of the original version with numerous refinements and improvements. You can of course as others have suggested determine the age from the serial number. They are somewhat different amps (V1 and V2), both are certainly capable and depending on age can be found at decent prices. I’d probably not pay more than about £700-800 for a cosmetically clean V1 as a guide.

The v1 (XS and XS-2) had a 3.5mm jack whilst the v2 (XS 2) and v3 (XS 3) have a 6.3mm jack

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That’s a decent price if it’s cosmetically clean and mechanically sound. I owned the original XS-2 and XS 2 (v2) and enjoyed them a lot.
I added a HiCap DR to mine and found that helped tighten up the bottom end and open up the soundstage a little.
I’m not sure what the rest of your system or listening environment is like but bare these things in mind when factoring in system synergy and balancing against the room dynamics.
The NAIT XS amps are certainly capable but have their limitations and need some thought in terms of speaker pairing and room placement.
If you get the system balanced well you’ll get a lot out of it.

What he says. I have an xs2 and have just got a 3. Great amps.

I have XS (v1) with nDAC for years. I tried to replace them by Uniti Atom/Star but still keep XS combo.

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