Naim xs2 remote tuning radio/tuner

My newly acquired xs2 shows the ability to tune radio stations. Is this indeed the case ?

xs2 what ? Naitxs2 amp or ND5xs2 streamer
The Nait amp obviously has no radio, but its remote can be used to sellect a NAT FM tuners preset radio stations if connected with the System Automation facility.
The xs2 streamer has Naim’s iRadio (web radio)

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Thanks for that Mike. I’ll look into that. John

But you didn’t responded on which really you have, Nait xs2 or Ndxs2? :grin:

I have a Naim Nait XS2 as explained. As there is very little on FM where I live it’s not worth investing in a Naim Tuner or any other. Godjo

I’m not sure what the question actually is. The ‘tuner’ button lets you select a connected tuner, just as the ‘cd’ button lets you select a connected cd player.

You did not specify in your thread title or original post if you have a Nait XS2 or an ND5 XS2, hence the questions.

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