Naim XS2


I had to pack my XS2 for a while to save for for phono stage to go with it.

I noticed today that when turning it off / on after a few seconds it caauses a pop in the speakers.

I bought a ground loop isolator which i tried today between my AVR and the naim and it made the buzz worse so i took it out straight away. I am worried i may have damaged something or if the pop has always been there but maybe i never noticed, is it normal?

Also, will no sources plugged in at all, there is small fizz through the tweeter but i have to put my head next to speaker to hear it, is this also normal?

Thank you

That’s normal for Naim amps.

This “pop”, is this when turning the phono stage on and off? Or is this the xs itself? Naim amps are really designed to be left on, the pop might just be capacitors discharging on power down. Is it really loud or just a little pop, the latter again is normal after switch on when the relays kick in after a short delay.

Great! About the fizz.

The pop is turning the naim on. I want to see where the hum was coming from. It’s only a little pop.

Now I just need to solve this really bad hum when using my avr.

How are the avr and Naim amp connected, just regular rca interconnects? It’s likely an earthing issue, I’m guessing the avr isn’t earthed, just a figure 8 power socket?

Just through rca interconnect. Though I have bought a better cable today.

I raised it before on the forum and Richard d said same as you and suggest I buy a ground loop eliminator. Which I did. But it made it worse. Maybe it’s not a very good one.

Does it need to be closer to the avr or the naim or doesn’t it matter?

Correct the avr isn’t earthed.

You need one good source component earth. If you only have an av source that isn’t the correct earthing arrangement then this is your problem. There are ways around it but they are straying towards the boundary of the forum rules. Essentially you need to establish an earth from a spare input. Best bet is to speak to your dealer.

Have a look at this thread…

About twelve posts down @james_n’s suggestion to add an external ground fixed the ‘other’ problem the OP had.

Usual warning about mains electricity and 13A plugs - if in doubt, don’t!

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