Naim XS3 & Rel Strata III loud hum

Have become a member of the Naim community recently with the purchase of XS3. However when I first connected it up to the rest of my system - Gyrodec/Heybrook Quartets etc and the Rel - I got a loud hum from the speakers. My dealership suggested connecting the Rel cable to my Left speaker, which solved the hum. My dealership arranged for a Rel Baseline cable to be sent to me to try and this also solves the hum (at a cost of £500/600)connected directly to the XS 3. There is also a similar cable by Designacable that will apparently also solve the problem for a more reasonable £130.
Obviously I was fairly surprised that the XS3 doesn’t play nicely with the Rel as both are decent HiFi components? My question is have other users had similar experiences? What’s my best option (given I’m unwilling to spend several hundred on a cable) - existing Rel cable to a single speaker or the copy cable to the XS3?

Welcome to the forum, connect the yellow (+) and black (-) to the left speaker and red (+) cable to the right speaker. Hope it solves your issue.

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Link for you:

Thankyou. Can you tell me how this will differ from running the sub cable to just the Left speaker given that sub-bass sound is non-directional?

Hi, I only have a single sub, and using the std Rel cable to a single speaker. Not wanting to add another sub as the Strata is pretty sizeable and has complemented my Quartets very well so far in HiFi and av setup.

You can definitely do that and there will be no issue whatsoever as the bass is non directional however you will miss the bass from your right channel.

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Thankyou. Is there any sonic difference between connecting subs to speakers rather than amp?

Naim amplifiers are required to be connected via speakers as have some kind of electrical issues related to resistance and capacitance unlike other manufacturers amplifiers otherwise you will have distortion or humming if connected directly to your naim amp output.

People have posted good reports of Designacable’s copy of the Bassline Blue, and the website says it’s approved by REL. If you connect to only one speaker you’ll only get that channel’s bass, so it looks like a version of the Bassline Blue is the best option. Heaven knows why the standard cable doesn’t work connected to both speakers, but at least you have an option that will.

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