Naim272 which rca?

Can someone tell me exactly how to hook up naim 272 preamplifier using rca outputs?please and thank you


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What will you connect it to?

connecting parasound amp. salesman sold me faulty naim din/xlr

I presume you mean using analogue outputs (pre amp out).

Connect your RCA cable between 272 and the power amplifier(s) RCA inputs. Then use 272 menu to turn on RCA output.

All in the manual section 4.5

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Remember the Naim DIN to XLR cables aren’t for balanced applications so would be wired wrongly for the balanced XLR inputs on your Parasound amp.

If you want to use the RCA inputs on the Parasound amp then use the RCA pre amp output sockets as you show in your picture.

thanks james -n, would i use the rca on the left hand side or the rca on the right hand side?

Right hand side

thank you!. and can you tell me if these rca are “plug in and listen” ,or do i have to turn them on in naim menu?

You need to enable them - see @IainO post above.

thank you, how do i enable and get into naim menu?

As said above you have to go into the menu and select RCA so the music knows where to go.
You won’t regret it. :+1:t2:

See the manual - section 4.5

i have my naim 272 manual ''installing n connecting" 1.5 and on handset , would i chose analogue 1 analogue 2 or analog 3, im not a computer/tech guy all help is appreciated, my naim manual only goes to 4.3, there is no 4.5. i would also be going into rca connect on parasound amp

Set the Main out to RCA

Line out enable No

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i fumbled around and got everything working, thank you guys so so much! jm


Enjoy! The 272 is a great device, we enjoyed ours for nearly two years.

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