Naim's Choice stations after repair

I’ve just got back my UnitiQute from screen replacement…

Very impressed with the turnaround time and the support from my local dealer.
Also impressed that the unit came back looking like new, sealed in its box.
I don’t know exactly what was done, and I don’t know whether its just me, but it seems to have come back sounding like a different HiFi - the improvement was so noticeable that my daughter commented.
So thank you to the Naim support team.

One thing that has stumped me though is the iRadio seems to be working differently - the stations seem more difficult to find/search for and I am missing some from ‘Naim’s Choice’ e.g. the Naim specific Radio Paradise - any ideas - is this a general change to an app version perhaps?

Hi iPoggy,

Naim’s Choice - Bill at Radio Paradise contacted us last week to say that he was discontinuing various streams and was having a bit of a tidy up of all the various streams that he supports.

So, in the process we referenced the 320K stream to his primary server and the other Streams variants we have hidden and remapped to the nearest stream type. This is to ensure existing presets still work, but we reduce the headache of having so many stream variants to support in the future.

Nothing to worry about, your unit is working as intended.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director


Thanks Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Steve: I realize this is not the customer support site, but I’ve been tearing my hair out over adding stations via vTuner to my ND5XS2. I followed the instructions on Naim’s customer support page, but nothing appears in my Added Stations folder on the iPad. All I get is a constantly spinning circle, but not the stations I added. Any idea what I might be doing wrong (I’ve asked vTuner, but they have stopped replying to my questions), or who I should approach for help? Many thanks.

Hi Bhoyo,

Email me on steve.harris (at)

Provide me the following details on email:

  • product in use (atom, superuniti, ndx etc)
  • app in use (ios or android)
  • your vtuner login as used to add the stations
  • your products mac address if known.
  • the ticket number open with naim support.

I’ll then configure a unit to pretend to be yours and see what’s going on.

Best regards


Thanks Steve. I’ll do that a little later today.

Hi Bhoyo,

Just to wrap this one up thread wise, I believe this one is sorted now. Any further questions, feel free to ask.



Yes, this is sorted. Thanks again.

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