NaimUniti manual

My Dad bought a NaimUniti in 2012. It served him and Mum well, but now that he’s passed on Mum is struggling to work out how to use it.
I’m a fair distance away so have been looking for a manual so I can attempt some remote tech support. But I can’t find one.

Her specific issue is she can’t get any radio stations, but I don’t even know if it’s got DAB built in or if its radio over the Internet.

Any pointers would be gratefully received!

Have you contacted Naim support? They should be able to send you a pdf of the user manual. If not, let me know…

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See here.

It’s not a link to the Naim website, which doesn’t seem to have the older manuals on it any more, which shows a blatant disregard for past customers.


The Naim Manuals should be on the Naim Website - including the older ones.

Very simple.

For people like me with even older kit it’s been that way for years, my olive amp manuals weren’t on the previous generation of the website and I used to (and still do) check them on @Darran ’s site instead.

There are a few older Uniti manuals on there

Do they just need to add to that list?

This does seem sub optimal though. I mean I know you can “contact support” but that’s a needless waste of their time if folks could just download them :confused:

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Here is a link to the Manuals on Class A’s site -

Class A Manuals

PS. The link to Current Manuals does not work… (of course)

Thanks Ian, I always just search for Class A Sheffield, I have a suspicion I might be on the South Yorkshire drug squad’s watch list.
This reminds me that when my house sells and I move I must take the opportunity to drop the olives into Darran for a service, they’re not due for a year or two, but I’ll take advantage of having the system packed up.


Thanks all. I tried searching on the naim site and couldn’t find the manual. Also struggled to find their contact details. I did try, honest, but didn’t find it that simple.

The link above is much appreciated. Hopefully a bit of patient coaxing will see Mum right. If not I’ll be back with more questions!

The FAQ here is helpful;

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I was told a while back that there was some issue that meant Naim couldn’t have many of the older manuals available to download from their website. IIRC, to help out Darran agreed to host them on the Class A site.

Once the new Naim website is properly up to date with the current manuals then I’ll know exactly what’s there and what’s not and see where the gaps are between the Naim website and the Class A site.


There is a Security Warning (in Chrome on a Win 11 PC) if I try to Download any Naim Manuals from Class A.

I have just emailed @Darran , so he is aware of this - and can perhaps fix this.