Nait 2.5

Could Naim have produced an improved version of the classic Nait 2 and, if so, what might the improvements have been to what could have been designated a Nait 2.5?

For my part, I would have liked to see an MC (rather than MM) phono input, proper loudspeaker binding posts, and remote control operation. Any increase in the fairly low volume output would be a big plus.

It would have to stay shoebox-sized, though, otherwise we’re just describing its actual successor, the Nait 3?

Graham please, no. The past is another country. Naim’s best days are ahead of us.

(Or even re-hashing the past which is what I really meant!)

It’s a bit of harmless speculation, not serious product planning!

But, as you raise the point, I am, sadly, rather sceptical as to whether Naim’s best days are ahead of us. The NAT-01 tuner is long gone, with no apparent prospect of a successor, the Solstice appears to have come and gone with no follow-up in sight (not even the consolation of a continued production run of the ARO2 for vinyl lovers) and R&D efforts seem to be focused on things like streaming.

So we shall have to see what new products appear in the next few years.

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Compare the brand new mission 778x with the original 778 to see what can happen; the new one has digital inputs for a start.

40 years ago;



I sold mine to a mate that still uses it.
I got the PSX that was for the 778.
He uses a Linn axis and little MA speakers.
Still punches well above its weight.

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I have never seen that new Mission amp before. It’s very stylish.

I didn’t even know that Mission are still in business, to be honest. I had their tonearm (773 or 774, I think) many years ago on a Thorens TD160S before I bought the LP12 that I still have today some 30 to 40 years later - although I think that every part of it has been changed!

To answer your question, I would say no. Adding or removing things on the Nait 2 would be like Leonardo da Vinci painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa :wink:


Given cost and real estate limitations, it would have been difficult to add a quality MC stage and more power.
I suppose at the time, a 2.5 version was the return to factory pre-amp mod, which turned the Nait 2 into a pre-amp to enable it to be used with a more powerful external power-amp.

An MC stage within such a small box so close to a power supply could be tricky without all sorts of shielding (best avoided if you can for best performance). Back in the day you could fit MC cards to a NAIT3, but it was never recommended by Naim for the same reason. Naim offered a shielding kit that could be fitted but it impacted performance somewhat.


You realists are spoiling my lovely little pipe dream!

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It’s a bugger when reality conflicts with our wishes. Some conclude it’s reality that needs changing not their expectations…

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You’re absolutely right there.

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The NAIT3 (which had a remote controlled version, the NAIT 3R) was pretty good, had the option of MC cards (even if recommended against) was really a NAC92/NAP90 in one box. And could be officially upgraded to add a PS between the two sections. The boards inside it look literally the same as the pre/power alternative. I would say that’s technically quite close to the NAIT2.5 you propose. Any reason why you discount the NAIT3 here?

I’m only slightly teasing, as I owned a NAIT 3 for many years and have a soft spot for it :slight_smile:

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I used to like the Naim shoe box format, and I’m in the process of putting together a ‘second’ system (with a Nait 2 and Nat-02 tuner, and possibly re-using an nVi unit, for my bedroom). I find the Nait 2 more attractive than the round-shouldered, flattened style of the Nait 3.

I think that it would have been great if Naim had ever produced a two-shoebox sized CD player. But that never happened, and I doubt if it was even considered.

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