Nait 2 fascia question

I own a phono version of the Nait 2. Normally i see Phono/Tuner/AUX/Tape on the front fascia. Mine has Phono/Tuner/CD/Tape. CD is in place of the AUX so I wondered if this was common place or do i own a glitch in the Nait 2 matrix :slight_smile:

Congratulations, you have a late model Nait 2!

The internals were, I believe, exactly the same, but Naim was coming to terms with what was then the new CD medium.

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I bought recently a Nait 50, and I have been having fun switching between the Nait 50 and Nait 2 in my โ€œlittleโ€ system, fronted by an LP12/ARO/Troika, with Falcon LS3/5As.

I may have cloth ears, but they sound pretty identical to me.

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Mine has just returned from service. It sounds better for sure & the slight channel imbalance at low volumes has now disappeared, nice.

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Just noticed it has AUX on the rear panel.

The rear of mine is marked โ€˜Aux/CDโ€™.