Nait 2 for 2021

No doubt a stupid question… but given it’s iconic status/high secondhand price why doesn’t Naim produce the Nait 2 again?

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It just won’t be the same with its Holden Fisher transformer.

I have more respect for Naim in not doing so, Stephen. In life in general I want to be looking forwards not back. Though I am not sure if that answers your question.



Perhaps they already do in a way - firstly the UnitiQute and now the Atom being the contemporary Nait2 equivalents, allowing use of digital sources. Although an analogue only, 60wpc shoebox Classic2 would be nice :slight_smile:

Parts no longer available

2 years too early, wait for 2023. (50th year).

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Sounds like Rega may have beaten them to it with their IO, based on a few comments on other forums. Only heard it briefly (with P1 and Kytes) and it was a very enjoyable little system.

Naim don’t seem all that interested in a small low powered / high quality amp for customers wanting to listen to music in a small study or bedroom out of the way of the rest of the family. I know two people working for Naim dealers that have fancy Naim systems to show off to friends but actually spend most of their time listening to music upstairs. Both use a Nait 1. Another person I won’t mention but linked to Naim does exactly the same thing. Come on Naim!


The Io looks a part of a lovely system, add the small Rega CD player and some stands, you will have a quality system for under £2k

I had a Rega Aethos which departed my rack for reasons other than sound or reliability - and would be more than happy to pair an IO with suitable speakers

I bought a Nait 2 (Olive) brand new and it was a really nice improvement on the Arcam Alpha+ that it replaced. Apart from enthusiasts I’m not sure there is a market now for it.

Naim/Focal will only provide the market with high number selling kit.
What will future bring ?

Hopefully another Muso edition. This one resplendent in black ash with a black foam grille. A nod to the 80s :flushed:

Good point, guess a revised Muso Qb will arrive with handle & battery pack

40 I’m afraid Robert. I’m certainly not 50 yet in 2023!

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Naim Audio will be, “born” in ‘73. Something to celebrate perhaps?

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