Nait 2 - only phono input working?

After a few years of ownership and using exclusively for vinyl playback, I decided to try a few different sources. Any ideas why all I am getting is a static buzzing sound on every other input? Any advice would be appreciated.

Have you tried moving between the inputs lots of times with the amp off? Might be muck in the contacts.

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With nothing connected, It’s quiet on the phono input but noisy on the line inputs?

Thanks Richard, yes with all sources disconnected, the phono is quiet, but all other inputs have a quiet hum, which is further amplified when a component is connected.

Have you tried connecting a Naim CD player?

Ah, to my shame, I do not own a Naim CD player🙁

Hi Chaps, any thoughts or I am I best sending it off for repair?

Has the Nait been serviced if not send it to Darran at Class A audio it will come back as fresh as a daisy.

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It could well be an indication that a service is due (overdue?). Unless @NeilS is around and can advise on any other possibilities…?

Are you getting the buzzing when you connect another device or just when you select the input?

If you are connecting a non-Naim device you may be getting an earth loop.

Thanks for the reply. The buzzing does not effect the phono input. It is there when you select any other input and is then amplified when you plug a source into that input. I am trying to use a Sony ES CD player of the same era.

Thanks again for your help

Sounds like the source selector has a fault I would definitely send the Nait 2 off for some love and fettle, my Nait 2 came back from a Class A service nearly two years ago, I was amazed what this brought.

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If it’s buzzing before connecting anything then it’s the amp rather than an earth loop.

No doubt a service would help.

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On one of my NAITs I had a similar issue with humming coming through the speakers whether source connected or not and it was completely cured with a service.

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Some hum with nothing connected is normal, especially when the volume is wound up.
Is the Sony player known good?
Are you sure the interconnect is wired correctly to the play side of the DIN plug?



Connect CD player to tape input.
Select phono on input switch.
Select small switch on front to Mon (monitor).
Doing this will bypass the selector switch.

I use this procedure on my 62, as I only use a turntable and Ndac. Bypassing the switch, is reducing the number of contacts the signal is passing through, so there should be a sonic benefit.


Thanks all for the continuing advice. I tried this technique but unfortunately the problem persisted. I think it might well be time to send it off for repair and service.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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Is the Sony ES CD supplied power from the same power board or power point? Sounds like a possible earth loop.

Many thanks for the reply. The Sony CD player would have used the same power strip - they are fed by a Olson sounds fantastic PSU. I will fish out the Nait as its been taken out of the system now in preparation for servicing and hook it up and see if this could be the problem. Thanks again for the reply.

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Is it possible to plug the power board directly into the mains and turn the Olson sounds fantastic PSU off?

I have an issue that when I run an amateur radio it is picked up by the stylus on my LP 12. I just “Mute” the XS2.


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