Nait 2 + Qutest

After so many positive Qutest reviews I thought I would give this a go and found an open box example at an attractive price.

I’m using a UQ2 feeding the Qutest this now bypasses the UQ inbuilt pre amp previously I used the pre outs on the UQ and set the vol to 75 to feed the Nait.

Qutest is set to 1v line level and this provides a nice volume range on the Nait.

First impressions very good but I reckon once warmed up there’s more to come.

My years ago I once owned a Hugo then sold it on so never say never!


Forgot to mention the BNC to BNC cable. Using an old Mark Grant G1000HD that I had spare from my nDac days :grinning:

The cable connecting the Qutest to the Nait is the Flashback 2 x Phono/RCA Plugs - 5 Pin DIN Plug Premiere Cable.


Loving my recent buy of a quetest, an upgrade frpm a CA dac.

The only annoyance is those disco lights, even on muted. I really want to turn them off.

I thought I read somewhere that the lights can be dimmed or turned off.

Anyway just goes to show how good the UQ is as a streaming source what I’m hearing now sounds impressive.

Dimmed but not off unfortunately. Sound is worth the sacrifice though.

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I think the lights are cool

I like being in the dark. :slight_smile:

Next one — an open-box MScaler… :rofl:


Its on the cards are you a mind reader?

The Nait 2 after its service sounds superb and I’m thinking of selling my 555DR to fund the Mscaler so possible end system

Nait2, Qutest, Mscaler, ND5XS2, SL2s all on Fraim.


I just finished having a Nait2 rebuilt by Chris West and am planning on using it in a fun second system with my vintage ProAc SuperTablette speakers (Circa 1989). I need a Roon capable source and have been looking at all in one boxes such as the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge etc. I have thought about the Qutest however I am not enthused about needing a second external box to supply the streaming. That is why the Mytek is so interesting.

I have given passing thought to the Qutest. Have you tried using an iPad as a Roon endpoint and connecting it to the Qutest’s USB port?

I’m not a Roon user maybe others can chip in.

What iPad is it. The most recent ones have usb c while others have lightening socket. I’ve connected a MacBook Pro to the Qutest when I had it via usb and it worked well.

Tomorrow, I can try a usb c iPad straight to the usb socket of the TT2 as a test if you just want to see if the iPad can control a Chord DAC via Roon

But what about your beloved 300?! :scream: :scream: :scream:

The iPad will definitely work with Chord DACS plugged into the USB port. It will act as a ROON endpoint. You will need the Apple camera connection kit dongle
and then the traditional USB cable between that and the Chord.

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The Nait 2 is so musical I just forget about the HiFi also its silent i.e. no transformers buzzing.
Currently the main setup is still boxed after a house move but I don’t miss it at all, I don’t listen to music loud and the Nait drives the Allaes with ease.
This weekend I may unpack the SL2s and see how they go with the Nait.

I remember a post by Richard Dane and he mentioned to a fellow Nait 2 owner about purchasing a pair of SL2s and maximising the source and this got me thinking…


It’s always good to keep an open mind — and your recent experience shows that musical enjoyment doesn’t necessarily require lots of black boxes… I am sure the guys at Fanthorpes will happily let you try their demo Mscaler… :grinning:

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Before you look at the M-Scaler I would recommend an SBooster, then the Ultra II; shows you how good the Qutest is on its own.

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I used such a system, UQ2/Nait2/SL2s… blinding. I have very recently bought another Nait1, unserviced original and sounding sublime. This Nait is the best Nait i’ve ever heard bar my very 1st Nait1, and i’ve owned all of them except the latest XS3 and SN3. It’s presently attached to the CDS3 and playing through my Shahinians, but was sounding equally spellbinding on the end of my LP12 into Linn Kabers all week. Quite how this 12 watt shoebox can sound this good is beyond me.


Thanks M I will research these options over the weekend, feels like the fun has returned :grinning:

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Thanks for your feedback Gary. I have stumbled upon a few of your posts on here and on PF regarding the early Naits always an interesting read.

Its hard to believe how good the Nait 2 (never heard the Nait 1) sounds with only 15 Watts but it digs deep and has real soul.