Nait 2 speaker leads

I want to use a Nait 2 in my home cinema with blu ray player and 79 strand copper speaker wire ,each being 6 metres in length.
I know years ago,my dealer suggested 79 strand with a 42/110,so I would think my plan for the nait should be ok.
Any thoughts please.?
Only my second post here,but have had Naim for 40 years.

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Hi David2, 79 strand will be OK
Old Naim’s like the Nait 2 ideally want a minimum 3.5uH inductance per channel.
Typical 79 strand is 0.66uH/m, so 6m gives 3.96uH.

I have an olive Nait 2 in my dining room, love it.

NACA5 (or the older, more flexible, NACA4 - if you can find it on eBay or similar) would be a more obvious choice, will suit the NAIT2 better, and is likely to sound much better as well.

Any Naim dealer will be happy to make up a pair of properly terminated cables for you.

I believe that Linn’s K20 speaker cable is the same as NACA4.

Thanks Mike and Graham.
Its just for dvd and blu ray,so it sounds like I am ok with the 79 strand.
Just had the Nait serviced at class A,so it should be nice.