Nait 3R speaker cable (Beldon 9497)

Quick question: I have a Nait 3R. Potential buyer is coming for a listen in a couple days and is using Beldon 9497 speaker cable. His speakers are ADS L1590’s. Is this cable ok to use with the 3R? I’m not tech savy, so I have no idea about specs, but below is a link to the Beldon 9497.


Google suggests 99pF/m so no I wouldn’t use it. Linn k20 or naca5 is perfect. That Belden is 6 times the capacitance of naca5 (99 vs 16), inductance is 0.19uH per foot so about 0.6 per metre vs naca5 of 1 per m and also twisted pair so the specs are not really compatible.

Maybe not ideal, but I really don’t thik it’s going to make your Nait explode! If the cables are short, that isn’t going to help either, so it will depend on what lengths the buyer turns up with. Do you have any NACA5 or similar you could use just to make sure the amp works as it should on your demo?

I’ll find out what length his Beldon’s are when he arrives for the demo. I do have NACA5’s (4m pair) that I am can demo too to show the difference in sound. My plan is to use them with an XS someday. Right now, I’m using the NACA5’s with a Krell S-300i integrated and it sound really good. I’ve run these cables with a lot of non-naim gear and it’s always in improvement. The only other cable I have in storage that is enough length to make a 3.5m pair is MIT bulk CL3 cable. However, I’m not sure of the tech specs on it. It’s a standard stranded copper cable that is 14 gauge I believe.

The NAIT 3 is definitely an amp where I would not want to be using anything but low capacitance and moderate inductance speaker cable, preferably NACA5, fitted with SA8 speaker connectors at the amp end and greater than 3.5m per channel…

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