Nait 5 and Nac 112x question

I have Nait 5 and Flatcap 2X
Whether any progress is made if they connect together.
Nait 5 work like power amp and Nac 112 and Flatcap 2x like a preamp .
I have good price for Nac 112x

Yes, that will work, and may well bring an upgrade. Shame it’s not a NAC122x though…

I wouldn’t bother. Nait 5 sounds great on its own, better still with a Flatcap 2 and worse with a 112 in the chain, from first hand experience. If your Nait 5 has never seen a Naim service and you want a real improvement, then that’s where my money would go. Just use the Nait 5 how it was designed, as an intergrated, with or without the optional PSU.

Good input from Gary (nice to see you here Gary) - nice to have first hand experience here regarding the adding of a NAC112. And I would agree on both counts regarding servicing and also the benefits of adding a Flatcap 2 to the NAIT 5. The NAIT5 + FC2 is a rather lovely combination.

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Thank you for answer.
I keep Nait 5 with Flatcap 2x.

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